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Adriatica Shipping Agency is proud to announce it's 25th rođendan!

25 years of experience is a testimony of professionalism and quality that we are proud of!
All this would not it be possible without our numerous satisfied customers. Hvala Vam!
Sincerely Yours, Adriatica L.t.d.

International Shipping & Forwarding agency

Adriatica Rijeka Ltd - is an independent privately owned company established in 1990, located in the main Croatian port - Rijeka. Through its subagents, Adriatica Rijeka Ltd covers all the activities required in Croatian ports.

Adriatica Rijeka Ltd offers a wide range of basic shipping and forwarding agency services, full logistic assistance as well as chartering/brokerage activities.Like any other industry, shipping and forwarding services have their own language and protocols. Our experienced and fully committed staff is able to provide the necessary attention required by the maritime and forwarding transport industry.

Owing to our professional national and international experience and our worldwide reputation for customer's care, we always insist on providing our customers with full service to the highest standards.This means that our customers, whoever and wherever they may be and whatever their requirements, are able to rely on us, to look after their business interests as we would after our own ones..